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This is the official blog of Firetried Minstries.  This blog will be used to help share the Good News of Jesus Christ and to share Bible Study tips, techniques, and lessons developed by Firetried Ministries and other Bible-based, trustworthy resources.  

About Us
Firetried Ministries is an evangelistic Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with all the world and then helping those believers grow in their spiritual walks with God.  You can rest assured God will give you strength to overcome the world and its trials (John 16:33). You can become stronger in our faith when you overcome the tests and trials. And you can overcome them in Christ!

Firetried Ministries considers Providence Baptist Church of Greenville, SC its home and church family, although works independently of it. Firetried Ministries is an independent, evangelistic, Christian ministry dedicated to encouraging everyone to let their light shine. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

Our History
Founded in 2012, Firetried Ministries was established to encourage our brothers and sisters in Christ, reminding everyone that God is always with them.  Firetried revives its name from the youth group that was established circa 2005 at Providence Baptist Church where JB and Ben Vaughn served as workers in the ministry.

Mission Statement
Our mission at Firetried Ministries is to share Christ’s LOVE and to PRAISE and HONOR God, while knowing that our trials develop perseverance and spiritual GROWTH in Christ Jesus, by GRACE through FAITH!


The purpose of Firetried Ministries is to fuel the desire of believers to grow closer to God, ultimately helping them develop a stronger faith.  Refuel.  Refresh.  Repeat.

For more information or if you have any questions or comments, please email me at ben@firetried.com 


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